Bigtincan Zunos

Coaching and Microlearning are an effective ways to increase employees knowledge of any enterprise products, services and projects, also to enhance their productivity and skills to ensure that they reach their professional and learning goals. As well as how to deal with current or potential customers.

Why Bigtincan Zunos

Gamification is the latest learning theory, as enterprises can develop their staff more effectively and in a short time. Bigtincan Zunos is a digital solution uses gamification as a professional learning tool, allowing departments and officials to create and associate all training and learning materials for their staff to master skills and increase knowledge.

Features and Added Value To The Team

It allows you to upload the material you already have. Gather up content that exists on the web. Create new content by pushing a few buttons. No technical expertise needed, and you can guarantee it will all look great.

  • Create: Interactive Pages, Quizzes, Practice Assignments and Assessments.
  • Upload: Videos, PDFs, HTML exports, and more.
  • Curate: YouTube, TED Talks, Your website, anything on the web.
  • Link: Google Docs, Quips, Wiki, deeplink to any SaaS system with a URL.

Digital learning and instructor-led training are critical elements of any program. Combine in-person and online experiences in order to provide training your learners will love, reduce cost, improve learning effectiveness, and keep pace with change.

  • Micro-Learning: Create courses that people can digest one step at a time.
  • Instructor Led: Bring people together virtually or in person for classroom learning.
  • On Demand: Leave them with libraries of content to search when they need the knowledge.
  • Any Device: Make your program available on mobile or desktop, online or offline.

Fighting for your audience’s attention is a constant challenge, engaging content only goes so far. Bringing a program to life takes a combination of three elements: Gamification, Communication, and Personalization.

  • Gamify: Upgrade your training programs with points, leaderboards, achievements, and rewards.
  • Social: Promote communications through email, messages, and forums channels.
  • Status: Have learner’s display their Achievements with badges earned.
  • Customize: Keep people in the know with App Dashboards that are personal to the learner and update in real time.

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