Bigtincan Hub

Content sharing is one of the most recent and successful ways to make sales, marketing, and other departments interact dynamically with each task. Bigtincan Hub enables organizations to share content at any time and place in smart and professional way to get the best results desired, and provide departments with accurate, ready-made or customized reports to ensure quality work. It is one of the best digital solutions in the world for sales and marketing enablement.

Content sharing helps enterprises take advantage of customer information and search for the necessary data, also engaging their employees at work by allowing them to interact with the data. The interaction of people with each other inside or outside the organization helps to be more flexible and adaptable to market variables. Effective content sharing enables enterprises to update and collect new information, creating a competitive advantage in the market.

Why Bigtincan Hub

  • Faster onboarding

    Onboard new members faster and more effectively by learning what they need, when they need it.

  • Easier meeting preparation

    Make meeting preparation faster and easier.

  • Better customer engagement

    Facilitate better interactions with customers and prospects.

  • Sales and marketing alignment

    Align sales and marketing efforts with CRM and marketing automation integrations to automatically link content usage to programs.

  • Improved collaboration

    Enable more effective collaboration between sales and marketing teams.

  • Stronger communication

    Facilitate better communication with peers, more effective coaching of team members and more efficient ongoing staff learning.

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