Bigtincan FatStax

Bigtincan Fatstax is a solution designed to help enterprises with a large number of products in their portfolio to align their sales teams with all the details about any product sold. Fatstax is a system that works like a second brain allowing sales teams become intelligent, efficient and effective in their work. Fatstax solution converts spreadsheets, paper catalogs, and website content into modern and up-to-date digital indexes, update relevant product data instantly to answer deep customer questions.

Always accessible

Logically organized

Requires minimal effort to find answers

Easy to update and intuitive

Transforms Sales Reps into Trusted Advisors

Speeds up sales cycles

Enables Sales Reps to ask deep questions

Promotes more quality time with customers


Here’s a product catalog app template that’s easy to update and handles 10,000s of SKUs out of the box.

Transform spreadsheets, paper catalogs, and website content into modern digital catalogs, update relevant product data instantly, and answer deep customer questions.

Silence your inbox with a simple sales collateral app that works on any device offline or online.

Search and Sort through 1000s of pieces of collateral with keyword tags, infinite categories, and match supporting materials to specific products.

Make training and supporting reps during your next new product launch easier than ever

Create an engaging experience for customers with a mobile sales tool that provides total access to all your supporting documentation right at your field teams’ fingertips.

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