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Our Vision To be one of the best IT Service Providers and Consultants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East Our Mission Enable the public and private sector to use

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KP Solutions

We have selected a top shelf solutions to provide a remarkable added value to your organization. You will be able to better link sales and marketing, in addition to being able to share

KP Hub


  • Bigtincan Hub

    Bigtincan Hub redefines sales, marketing and service processes to enable teams to work smarter and faster together for optimal results. With sophisticated, AI-driven features and automation that supports each phase of the buying

  • Bigtincan FatStax

    Bigtincan Fatstax is a solution designed to help organizations with a large number of products in their portfolio to align their sales representatives every detail about any product sold. Fatstax is a system

  • Bigtincan Zunos

    Bigtincan Zunos is a coaching and microlearning platform that can be accessed anytime, on any device. It is an effective tool that allows its users to enjoy learning, retain information better, and come

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Come and discover more about what's going on in the IT industry!

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